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Finished Prototype

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I finished my prototype lighting controller a week or so ago. It is capable of wirelessly controlling 5-channels of LED lights using an automation protocol I’m writing, all encapsulated by the Zigbee wireless protocol. The prototype boxes are in nifty little cases that I cut apart with my fun new Dremel. Stay posted for coming updates.

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We Have Wireless

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Prototype LED Board
After going dark for a while, I finally have some work to show. As you may know, the end result of this all is to have LED lighting units on my furniture that are all wirelessly controlled over the ZigBee wireless protocol. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I have a custom LED control circuit using an Atmega168 micro-controller, a TI LED controler, and an XBee ZigBee radio, and an application that can control it.

Here’s a rough video of the result. Basically, I use my application to discover the lighting control over Zigbee wireless. I can then select the node, the lighting channel on the node, and the color to set the lights too. This is very rough prototype just to see the idea in action.
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After my months volunteering on the Obama campaign, I was left with an abundance of yard signs.


Since it seemed sacrilegious to just toss them in the dumpster, I decided to make use of them to fill the wall behind my sofa. So using some leftover wood from my coffee table construction, I made a couple blocks with holes.


Taking the metal from the yard signs, I chopped them down into various sets of sizes and gave them a nice coat of paint.


Browsing my local OEM parts store, I was able to find retaining rings, standoffs, clips, and screws to construct holders.

Put it all together using some epoxy and voila! recycling based wall “art”.


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