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New Shipment of LEDs

Arduino, Lights

Today a 5 meter reel of LEDs arrived. Here are the results.

YouTube Preview Image
YouTube Preview Image

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Light Geekery

Arduino, Automation, Lights

After building my sketchy micro-controller based AC light dimmer, I noticed that while fading though the dimming levels, it wasn’t a linear response. There was a noticeable “stall” in the fading around the mid-range of values. So to fix this, and waste a perfectly good Thursday night, I had the micro-controller watch the response of the light with a photo-resister and see what the problem was.


Keeping and eye on the light

The resulting response was nowhere near even. So I plotted the values and its derivative.


So to adjust the problem, I altered the distribution of the fade values. By decreasing the density of points around the “delay”, which was around 9000 on a scale of 0 to 16000, I was able to smooth out the fade.


Resulting distribution

The result is a seemingly linear light fade-in and fade-out.

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Arduino Controlling LEDs


Hooked the Arduino up to an LED controller board utilizing TLC5940 LED driver chips.  The Arduino now has control of all three RGB channels.

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Beginning Arduino


Just started playing with my Arduino micro. Rewrote the LCD4Bit library to work with an old HD44780-based 40×4 character LCD I had laying around.  


YouTube Preview Image

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